Tips for an infographic

infographic copyFor my public relations class and portfolio, I made an infographic. I worked from the perspective of the American Heart Association and urged people to watch a one-minute video on hands-only CPR. Here are some tips I learned after creating my first infographic!

Keep it simple

First, the overall theme of your infographic should reflect your organization. However, you want to make sure to not make it look overwhelming and too busy with information. Too many stats can overwhelm your audience and make people lose interest. The more simple the better, and you can make your infographic interesting by using images and colors.

Color, color, color

Color is an important component to consider while creating an infographic. You should connect your color scheme to your organization and what it represents. You also want to make sure to use colors that stand out. This leads me to my most important tip: Use contrast! Contrast will make your infographic vibrant, which will grab your audience’s attention.

Call to action

An infographic must serve a point; otherwise it is, well, pointless. Although statistics are helpful in legitimizing your claim, simply giving the audience statistics is not enough. You must give the audience a “call to action” by explicitly telling them what they can do now. Providing a link for more information is always helpful as well.

One thought on “Tips for an infographic

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